Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Baju Raya

Saturday, 25th June 2011

Dzull DeClassique - tempah my baju raya and Mummy's. Pick-up Abah & Alif's. Our theme this year is GREEN! :D

BUT...MY green is a bit off tone than the boys'. So, Mummy brought me to Gulatis Kajang to buy another green kain that matches the tone. Spent over an hour there (cerewet much!). "hmm...tak cantik" "nope!" "...the colour..erh no" "...i don't like the bunga" "that's so makciks!" "nahh.." and so much more! Kesian that abang, I think he showed me half of the kedai's green kains. HAHA Sorry! Last-last when I almost kinda give up, he showed me this one abstract green kain with some 'batu' on it... I tried to put it on my body - it is nice! and so the price, RM275! huhuuu Anyway, Mummy bought it ;) YEAY! Even hers is just 250 hukhuk Thanks Mummy <3

Gulatis Kajang is located in the MetroPoint Plaza. It was TWO years since I last went there - 4 Dedikasi '09 Class Party at BBQ Chicken. There's no more BBQ Chicken restaurant there - it's become kedai baju. ayaiiyaiii...

Got ourselves Hot & Roll again at the ground floor. Mummy had prata, I had crispy. Anyhow I think the capati rendang ayam is the best!

OH! Forgot to tell, before heading to Metro Point, we stopped at a kedai selling fire extinguisher. IDK why but my parents suddenly thought that that thing is a must have - of course la for emergency doink! :P Bought the 4kg ABC Powder for house - RM97. One fact that I just knew that day is this thing cannot be (barely) placed on the floor. It must be hang on the walls or put on cardboard or something.

After that we went to The Mines to set-up inks for the printer and straight to Cikda's place. Had ABC and Cendol while layan-ing Final Maharaja Lawak on youtube :)

P.S. Okay tak pakai tudung macam ni? HEHEHE


Nazrin said...

gulatis tu ape bndee???
btw hot n roll tu sdap kee... x pnh makan laa... haha smlm ternampak kat summit

Aliaa Chezul said...

Gulatis tu kedai kain lah yen...apa laaaa hahaha hot & roll sedap! aku suka yg chicken rendang.